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Posted by Rebecca Moore - 09 May, 2014

libraryEarlier this week, Laurel Shockley, Randolph’s Assistant Head of Lower School and Director of Lower School Teaching and Learning, and Kim Simpson, Lower School librarian, offered parents a variety of resources and approaches for fun ways to support learning during the summer.

For those who weren't able to make it, they have shared their Prezis and Mrs. Shockley's ideas for taking math skills on vacation.

If you are looking for summer books, be sure to read Mrs. Simpson's post from last spring. She also recommends children’s author Mem Fox's “Ten read-aloud commandments” for parents.

Mrs. Shockley suggests these games and activities for honing math skills on the road.

abbyknowling Other creative ways to use license plates. Artwork by Abby Knowling, 11th grade.

1) Counting: The first game you can play with your child is the counting game. Give them a car color to look out for. Each time they see it, they need to count aloud. So, let’s say 3 green cars drive by, they need to count “1, 2, 3” aloud. Now, give them another car color, let’s say it’s silver. Now they need to count the silver cars until you have them stop. Once they have their number they either need to add, subtract, or multiply the two numbers together. This helps them not only with their numbers but their colors!

2) Guess my number: Play the guess my number game with your child. First, think of a number, we’ll use 98 for example. Now, say it’s less than a hundred but more than 50. Once they say a number, let’s say they said 66. Say it’s more than 66. Now, let them guess again. Let’s say they said 75 this time, now say it’s 75 plus 23. What is the number?

3) Sign Arithmetic: Every time you see a sign with numbers, for example a speed limit sign, have them either add, subtract or multiply the numbers together.

4) Gas Prices Rounding: It’s almost a guarantee that while we’re driving we will run into some type of gas station. When you do, have your children round the prices to the nearest number of your choice. For example, you drive by and it’s $2.41 per gallon, they would round down to either $2.40, or $2.00.

5) License Plates Totals: Almost all license plates have numbers unless they’re custom made. When you see one, have your child add up all the numbers for an end total.

Math on the go

Use the menu to come up with crazy orders. Your child can figure out how much the order will cost.

Have children figure out how much change you will receive.

Have children clean out your change purse while waiting. They can add up the coins.

Grocery Store (and all shopping) – counting, number recognition, greater than/less than, decimals

Gas – estimating by rounding

Waiting Rooms – simple math games

Good apps for basic math facts

A Math Order App ($0.99) - learn addition, subtraction, fractions and decimals / order these numbers in ascending/descending order after doing math operations.

A+ Math Program FREE – addition and subtraction success, count, add, and subtract visually.

Aaah! Math Zombies HD Free Lite - a fun configurable math operation practice: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division using fun zombie animations.

Addition Coach - excellent app / shows the relationship between objects and numbers- using unit cubes.

Addition UnderSea Adventures Games Lite Free - learn addition visually / drag the wooden game pieces to the correct grid guide.

Appolino Plus & Minus (Free) - adding and subtracting numbers up to 20, to 100 and to 1000, working with blocks, number lines and value charts / 9 modules and 54 different levels.

Butterfly Math Addition (Free) - includes exercises to help visualizations and counting of numbers.

Chalkboard Addition (Free) - addition drills / nice graphics.

Cloud Math (Free) - choices of avatars, great sounds and animation, easy to control levels of difficulty and operations.

Column Addition ($3.99) - breaks down a multiplication problem into a series of easier steps/allows carrying numbers.

Computer Carl (Free) - recall basic addition facts and the corresponding subtraction facts.

Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It- practice and reinforce basic addition facts (0–10) and number comparisons.

Everyday Mathematics Tric-Trac ($1.99) - roll two dice, find their sum, and then match the sum to one or more numbers/competitive two-player.

Finger Math – ABACUS (Free) - helps to master basic math skills.

iMath Addition Game ($0.99) - improve addition calculation competence and reaction speed.

Let’s Do Math! (Free) - practice your addition and subtraction skills.

Math Bumpies HD – Adventure on Math Island: Addition and Subtraction ($1.99) - 10 levels of math problems / keeps track of stats for each player / 3 skill levels: easy, medium and hard.

Math Cakes: Addition Facts (Free) - create a custom level to practice specific math facts.

Math Challenge for Kids ($1.99) - learn math calculation with step by step examples.

Math Free – Single and Double Digit Addition and Subtraction (Free) - animated numbers show how the carry over works.

Math Games – Free Addition and Subtraction Edition (Free) - two engaging and entertaining math mini-games games.

Math in a Flash (Free) - practice math facts / fact families / count by from 0 to 10 / customizable settings.

Math-Tastic Addition (Free) - starts from single digit addition - up 10 levels of mastery/ carrying.

MathBoard Addition (Free) - configurable number ranges / problem generation (up to 250 questions per quiz).

Math Tappers: Find Sums (Free) – a math game to help children learn basic facts in addition and subtraction. Complete the boxes to achieve quantities.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish (Free) - wonderful graphics and exciting modes of creativity.

Portable Math Additions and Subtractions (Free) - quiz prep, question bank, mental math practice.

Razor Smart Free Lite – Kids Math Addition Reef Game (Free) - math drills with 4 difficulty levels.

Squeebles Addition and Subtraction ($0.99) - practice addition

Sums Stacker ($1.99) - play with different representations of numbers, while developing number sense to create strategies to solve problems.

Teachley Addimal Adventure ($3.99) - scaffolds learning to promote conceptual understanding and fact fluency.

Workbook Recommendation: Summer Skills Math Sharpener.

We hope that you find some ways to incorporate fun learning into your summer! What books, activities or apps do your children enjoy?

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