Summer Learning on the Go

Posted by Laurel Shockley - 15 June, 2017

libraryWith the prospect of summer vacation, many parents ask us how they can help support and develop their children's literacy and numeracy skills.

Laurel Shockley, Randolph’s Assistant Head of Lower School and Director of Lower School Teaching and Learning, and Kim Simpson, Lower School librarian, offer parents a variety of resources and approaches for fun ways to support learning during the summer.

They have presented their ideas in Lunch and Learns for parents and were happy to share their slides from those presentations.

If you are looking for summer books, be sure to read Mrs. Simpson's post on summer reading. She also recommends children’s author Mem Fox's “Ten read-aloud commandments” for parents, and Tales2Go, which offers thousands of streaming audiobooks. Mrs. Simpson recommends following along with a print version of the audiobook.

Randolph Lower School students can access their Tales2Go and Reflex Math accounts over the summer.

Games and activities for honing math skills on the road

abbyknowling 1) Counting

The first game you can play with your children is the counting game. Give them a car color to look out for. Each time they see it, they need to count aloud. So, let’s say 3 green cars drive by, they need to count “1, 2, 3” aloud. Now, give them another car color, let’s say it’s silver. Now they need to count the silver cars until you have them stop. Once they have their number they either need to add, subtract, or multiply the two numbers together. This helps them with their numbers and their colors!

2) Guess my number

Play the guess my number game with your child. First, think of a number, we’ll use 98 for example. Now, say it’s less than a hundred but more than 50. Once they say a number, let’s say they said 66. Say it’s more than 66. Now, let them guess again. Let’s say they said 75 this time, now say it’s 75 plus 23. What is the number?

3) Sign arithmetic

Every time you see a sign with numbers, for example a speed limit sign, have them either add, subtract or multiply the numbers together.

4) Gas prices

Rounding: It’s almost a guarantee that while we’re driving we will run into some type of gas station. When you do, have your children round the prices to the nearest number of your choice. For example, you drive by and it’s $2.41 per gallon, they would round down to either $2.40, or $2.00.

5) License plates

Totals: Almost all license plates have numbers unless they’re custom made. When you see one, have your child add up all the numbers for an end total.

6) Math on the go

At a restaurant, use the menu to come up with crazy orders. Your child can figure out how much the order will cost.

Have children figure out how much change you will receive.

Have children clean out your change purse while waiting. They can add up the coins.

Grocery Store (and all shopping) – counting, number recognition, greater than/less than, decimals

Workbook Recommendation: Summer Skills Math Sharpener.

We hope that you find some ways to incorporate fun learning into your summer! What books, activities or apps do your children enjoy?

License plate artwork by Abby Knowling '15

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