Introducing Tailored Tuition

Posted by Glynn Below - 18 January, 2018


An independent school education is expensive, but it can be affordable. 

Randolph School is excited to introduce Tailored Tuition, a new framework to rethink the cost of a Randolph education and make an outstanding independent school education a reality. 

Financial aid, scholarships, tuition assistance, whatever you call it, from the days of its founding in 1959, affordability has been a key consideration for enrollment and growth. The School's founders sought to create an independent college preparatory school that, according to founder Pat Richardson, would "include children from all religions, races, and economic backgrounds." Then as now, we seek motivated students, who are "willing and able to do good work," regardless of the family's ability to afford full tuition.

So what is Tailored Tuition?

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We know that "sticker shock" can be a non-starter for many families, so rather than there being a single price to attend Randolph, consider it instead as a range. Tailored Tuition is your priceFor many Randolph parents, the cost of tuition keeps them from wanting to recommend the school they love to their friends because they don't want to talk about money or steer someone towards something they might not be able to afford. But parent recommendations are important and if a fixed price prevents us from attracting great students, then we need to change the way we talk about affordability. 


Please don't hesitate to be in touch with us with questions or to discuss your family's situation. As always, the Admissions Office is here to guide prospective families through both the admissions and Tailored Tuition application process, but we also serve the entire school for enrollment.

I encourage you to visit Randolph to decide if our school would be a good fit for your child and your family. We will hold Open Houses on both campuses for current and prospective families the evening of Thursday, January 18, 6-7:30 PM. There will be information sessions about Tailored Tuition held that evening.

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A few years ago, we made this video about tuition assistance. Even though the terminology has changed and the administrators interviewed are no longer here, the message holds true. Affordability and access to a Randolph education make this a better school and we are committed to having these conversations.

Quite simply, Tailored Tuition is an enrollment tool that strengthens our school, allowing us to enroll the best and brightest students in the area and allowing for a richer student experience for all students by helping to support all of the programs we currently offer to a greater than full-pay student body.  

We hope that if you are just beginning to explore Randolph, you will come see us and keep exploring. If you are a current family and you want to know more about Tailored Tuition, please attend one of Jay Rainey's Roundtables, and reach out to Glynn Below or Linda Bryant for more information with your family's specific questions. If you are a current family or friend of the School, please share this post with someone whose children might be just the kind of students who would thrive at Randolph! 

Learn about Tailored Tuition

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