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Posted by Glynn Below - 09 January, 2015

TA_FB With the February 15th application deadline for tuition assistance just around the corner, an article detailing everything you wanted to know about our program seemed like a great idea. As always, the Admissions Office is here to guide prospective families through the admissions and tuition assistance application process, but we also serve the entire school enrollment, helping the nearly 10% of current students who receive aid.

The goal of our tuition assistance program has always been, as Assistant Head of School for Finance Linda Bryant emphasizes, to make possible a Randolph education for those who, because of financial restraints, might not otherwise be able to attend. As our Admissions Mission states, "Randolph seeks the very best students and the most supportive families from wide-ranging backgrounds with an eagerness to learn and contribute to our community and programs. Randolph's mission-driven admission practices are established to foster a student-centered learning environment for developing strong character, moral leadership and courageous habits of heart and mind." We encourage all families, regardless of their ability to afford Randolph's tuition, to investigate the possibilities.

Penny Evins, Head of School at St. Paul's School for Girls in Baltimore, recently wrote an article that sums up the tuition assistance process. She starts with a powerful punch: "Like anything of great value, an independent school education comes at a premium."  We make no apologies for our tuition because we believe strongly that our tuition is an investment in the only thing that we can claim and sustain in our lives for sure - education.  I recommend Mrs. Evins' tuition assistance article and hope that it is helpful as you consider Randolph.

I encourage you to visit Randolph to decide if our school would be a good fit for your child and your family.  I always want families to be as informed as possible so that the unknown is not a place of prejudged ideas and fear of possibility.  There are many conversations to be had and many questions to be asked - just start!  Watch our  video and embrace the idea that you, too, can plunge into the admissions world and find out what's possible.

Last year, Randolph extended $620,000 in tuition assistance to 10% of our students with an average grant of $6,800.  Through the hard work and generosity of our parents, grandparents and administration, Randolph has met the requirements to secure a matching from from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, the leading national foundation that solely supports independent schools.  This grant and the matching funds enhance our operating budget, build our tuition assistance endowment and give our program quite a bright future.  Many thanks to all who championed this effort.  Their timely generosity allowed the School to exceed our goal and meet the stipulations for the Foundation grant.  Randolph is proud of this recognition by the E.E. Ford Foundation and their support of our steadfast commitment to providing a robust tuition assistance program.

Tuition assistance strengthens our community without a doubt, allowing us to enroll the best and brightest students in the area and allowing for a richer student experience for all students.  Let us show you all that an independent school education can offer.

Good next steps would be to explore our website for all of the important details about our application process and events and remember that for our prospective and current families,  February 15th is an important tuition assistance deadline to meet.  SSS by NAIS offers outstanding assistance with the application process and I recommend one of two webinars to help with the details on either January 11 or February 8.

Finally, we'd welcome a chance to meet you and discuss your family's particular questions and needs.  Our annual Kindergarten and Lower School Open House is Thursday, January 22 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the Drake Campus.  Meet our Head of School, Jay Rainey, and learn from current parents, teachers and administrators how extraordinary the opportunities can be for your children. A session of tuition assistance will be offered.  Register here to let us know you're coming or e-mail me to connect. Middle and Upper School events will be in February and March, or just schedule a personal tour with us.  We look forward to getting started!

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