Random Acts of Kindness at CASA

Posted by Robin Barr - 07 May, 2015

almost finishedIf you are planning to attend CASA of Madison County's "A Night in the Garden" event, you will enjoy listening to Randolph musicians. The backdrop against which they will perform is also a Randolph performance.

I approached CASA back in the fall about the possibility of having a group of Upper School band students perform at their signature fund-raising event, “A Night in the Garden.” Jessica Bumbalough, Services and Volunteer Coordinator, was thrilled with the idea, and we made plans for the group of woodwind and brass players to perform as background music at the beginning of the event on May 15.

Shed- before pictureJust before we ended the call, she said, “I have another project I could use some help with, if you think your group might be interested.” She went on to describe an old metal garden shed that had been donated to the Community Garden, which CASA operates. The shed, while sturdy, was rusty, dirty and showing its age. Since "A Night in the Garden" is held in the Community Garden, Jessica asked if we might be interested in painting a mural on the walls of the shed to make it look nicer for the big event. I thought this sounded like a great idea and promised to talk to some people at Randolph about making it happen.

Kyle painting the backgroundI approached Kyle Husband ’04, about drawing the design for the mural. Kyle, who majored in art at Ole Miss, listened politely to my “hard sell” on the amazing work CASA does for senior citizens in our community, and agreed to design the project.

Next, I needed some painters! I decided to contact Michelle Caudle, who is the leader of the student-run Random Acts of Kindness Club. Michelle loved the idea and asked me to attend one of their meetings so I could describe the project to the group. Pretty soon I had a list of 16 students who wanted to help. From there, the word spread to the Middle and Lower schools, as well as to faculty and staff, and a few parents!

Kyle and Halsey tapingGroups of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni met at the Community Garden on five separate occasions to get the shed prepped and painted. Kyle and another alumnus, Halsey Hickman ’01, were there on several additional days to get the design sketched and taped.

On a somewhat cool, but sunny Saturday in early December, we declared the painting complete! Kyle still needs to do a bit of detail US student painterswork, but all the rain we’ve had this spring has made scheduling time to do that difficult. The beautiful forecast for this week, should allow him to get in there to finish up.

"A Night in the Garden" attendees will be greeted with a beautiful, colorful mural on Friday night, courtesy of a large slice of the Randolph community.

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