Why we "go for Randolph"

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 22 September, 2015

MRSanders3rdBy Mary Russell Sanders '88

Recently, I asked my son which shoes he wanted to wear to school. He proudly held up his blue and black sneakers explaining that they “go for Randolph.”

I was thrilled that he was so excited about his school since my own early elementary years had been somewhat rocky. The local public school was not a good fit for me and Randolph was full. It wasn’t until partway through 3rd grade that a spot opened up.

So when it was time for my oldest to start school, I wanted her school to be a great fit from the beginning.

He proudly held up his blue and black sneakers explaining that they “go for Randolph.”

It had been a while since I graduated from Randolph, so I went to the open house event and took the tour. I found that the Drake Campus was still familiar and, not a surprise, the academics were still solid.

What really caught my attention was just how many opportunities there were for the younger Raiders. They can develop ideas and bring them to life in the design lab. They can conduct experiments in the science lab. They can participate in IMG_5449recycling challenges and lunch-packing community learning programs. And most of all, I loved that they had the opportunity to interact with the high school students. Each Kindergartner is matched up with Senior Buddies to do activities together throughout the year. They have instant “big kid” friends and college-bound role models showing them the Randolph way.

These were just some of things that my husband and I didn’t want our kids to miss out on. We started our daughter in Kindergarten at Randolph and she is now in the 3rd grade. Our son just started Kindergarten. Randolph is a great fit for both our kids and we are proud to say that we all “go for Randolph."

Mrs. Sanders is one of seven alumni with a child in Kindergarten this year. We have asked our alumni to share their thoughts about returning to Randolph as parents. If you are interested in learning more about Randolph, please come to our Fall Preview Day for all grades on October 20, 2015. Visit the Admissions > Events page for more information and a registration link.

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