Did I miss the deadline for tuition assistance?

Posted by Glynn Below - 04 May, 2017

Are you wondering if it's too late to apply for tuition assistance?

The answer is no.

In the Admissions Office this time of year, we are often asked it it's too late to be considered for a tuition assistance award. Our website mentions a February 15 deadline, and while that is certainly ideal in a traditional admissions cycle, we know that life doesn’t always run that way.

The right time to apply is always now.

The mission of our tuition assistance program is to make affordable a Randolph education to anyone who is accepted and would otherwise not attend.We award over $850,000 to 13% of our students with an average award of $8,700.  We always welcome conversations about affordability because we know that Randolph is expensive.  We also know how valuable it is and that your children are worth it.

You should inquire about tuition assistance if you've ever wondered about Randolph, but thought it was out of reach financially. We poll parents to get their perspective on this, since we want to share their thoughts.  Here are a few of the most meaningful quotes:

"I wanted to stop living in fear of the unknown. Randolph is the best; why not find out if it's possible.”

“I know that there are many families there with dual-incomes, making sacrifices so that they can give their kids the one 'thing' no one can take away.”

“If you have a bright child, you can't afford not to send your child."

Why continue to wonder if it's possible?  Find out.

For more information about the admissions application process and the Tuition Assistance program, contact Glynn Below in the Admissions Office at 256-799-6104 or gbelow@randolphschool.net.  Visit the School and Student Services website at www.sssbynais.org for more detailed information about the necessary steps to apply for tuition assistance.



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