My redshirted kindergartner

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 11 May, 2017

Have you given your child the gift of time—that extra year before starting school—and now, after all the growth that has occurred over the last year, you find yourself wondering if he or she is "too advanced" for Kindergarten?

What do you do now? There are many things to consider if you are in this situation. Ask yourself a few questions about your child:

  • Can he sit in groups or circle time?
  • Can she share?
  • Can he listen to others?
  • Does she have empathy?

Kindergarten is not all about academics. The cognitive skills your child needs to meet academic challenges will require a strong foundation of social and emotional skills, which develop through positive interactions with others and through movement and play. How a child gets along with others may be a stronger indication of success as a student than the current ability to count or decode text.

How a child gets along with others may be a stronger indication of success as a student than the ability to count or decode text.

Children learn to “do school” during this transitional year.

Ask questions at the school your child will attend in the fall.

How will your child's teacher challenge the more advanced students in the classroom?

Does the program offer additional learning opportunities (e.g. art, music, foreign language, technology, and science lab) that will allow your child to develop in more than one modality? At Randolph, we think these additional classes are so important to developing the whole child. Our Kindergartners spend 30-80 minutes in each of these special classes during each six-day rotation.

Are teachers familiar with the latest neuroscience research for this developmental stage? Our Lower School teachers spend time each summer in classes and at conferences learning about cutting-edge programs such as NeuroNet and Responsive Classroom.

Last spring, Randolph hosted a Kindergarten Readiness Panel. Hear what a team of specialists had to say. Our panelists were pediatrician Brian Laue; child psychologist Halina Hale; school counselor Vanessa Robinson; kindergarten teacher Laura Bernick; and preschool teacher Juliet Wells.

If you are still unsure about your child’s best placement for next year, we would love to talk to you. Call the Admissions Office at Randolph School, 256-799-6103, to schedule an appointment to speak with our Director of Admissions, Glynn Below, or with members of our Lower School team.


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