Meet the Ambassadors: Cole '19

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 24 July, 2018

IMG_7380Something Cole '19 loves about Randolph is...

"the teacher-student connection. I believe not many people know a lot about this, but during any free that you and the teacher share, you are able to go up to their rooms and receive help. The teachers really want to help their students excel and try their best to fill the needs for each of the students."

Cole (center) is one of four seniors selected as a Head Ambassador to lead a cohort of fellow Student Ambassadors who welcome visitors and prospective families to Randolph. Here she shares why Randolph is special to her.

Why did you choose to be a part of the Ambassador program?

I chose to be a part of the Randolph Ambassador Program to show visiting families what Randolph is like. I came to Randolph my freshman year and believe I have a different perspective on the School than classmates who have been here longer. I want to show those families how Randolph changed my academic life and how wonderful the School is. 

2018-07-06T16_42_07.686ZWhat's your Randolph story?

I first came to Randolph during the beginning of freshman year. My parents sent me to Randolph because it offered me better academics and a better environment to be in. Randolph was the best place around that could offer the things I needed. I remember walking in on my first day and being incredibly nervous. Going into high school is a scary thing for any freshman. I was more worried because I knew very few people and had no idea what was to happen. I walked into advisory and immediately I felt relieved. My advisor, Ms. Wimberly, welcomed me into the School and made sure that I knew that she was here to help. Not only did she extend her kindness to me, but also to the students. They all want for each person to have the best time at Randolph and for new students to feel welcomed. I could not have made it through that half day without them.

What are three places on campus that you'd want to show a prospective family?

Three places that I'd want to show a prospective family are the Commons Lawn, the Commons (lunch room), and the collaboratory. I want to show them the Commons Lawn so that they can see the tremendous view of the mountains behind the football field. The Commons Lawn is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and do homework during frees. Next, the lunch room because everyone loves to eat! It is a great place to connect with people and eat some delicious food. Also, it is a great place to be during your frees when it is rainy outside, to talk to your friends and the lunch crew! And, lastly, the collaboratory, because it shows how Randolph puts so much trust in the students to give us a room with couches and fun comfortable chairs to enjoy and get work done. Each of these places is special in its own way, but they each provide an enjoyable place to make lasting relationships and to get work done.

Favorite school tradition?

My favorite personal school tradition is that every day after school I meet up with my friends at our cars. My friends and I always park by each other. After school ends, we all wait for each other and just talk, because we often don’t have many classes together. It gives us a chance to catch up with each other and have a few laughs! My high school career wouldn’t be the same without it, and it will always brighten my day.   


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