Meet the Ambassadors: Renae '19

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 03 July, 2018

RenaeOur Student Ambassadors play an important role in the life of the School as they welcome visitors and prospective families to Randolph. Four seniors will serve as Head Ambassadors. We asked them to tell us why they wanted to fill this role and what they value most about Randolph. Here's what Renae  '19, a lifer, said about her time at Randolph and why she wanted to serve as an Ambassador. 

Why did you choose to be part of the Ambassador program?

I enjoy talking with people and I wanted to have the honor of representing the school and being a face for what I think is the best educational opportunity in our area. I will be beginning my 13th year at Randolph soon and I want to give back and share about one of the biggest influences in my life.

What is something you love about Randolph?

I don’t think many people know just how amazing our faculty and staff really is. I have had conversations and built  unforgettable relationships that will last a lifetime. The people who work here have so much charisma, personality, and care about us so much. From what my friends from other schools have told me, you don’t really get that at most other places.


What are three places on campus you would want to show a prospective family?

  • The workout room gives everyone a very nice space to further their athletic development on great equipment (my brother is jealous they didn't have this when he went here!)
  • The Upper School library has a great view of the buildings and athletics fields from its big and many windows.
  • The art hallway, because you get to see the diversity of everyone's art.



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What brought you to Randolph?

I started at Randolph when I was 5. I can’t say that I remember my first day, but I do know that I had Mrs. Adams and she was amazing. One of the reasons my parents chose to send my siblings and me through Randolph was because foreign language, art, and music begin in Kindergarten, which is not common.

Favorite school tradition?

It’s hard to choose a favorite school tradition from so many over the years, but a recent one I’ve seen during my time in the Upper School is the "running of the seniors," which happens on their last day of school, about a week before everyone else’s. This year it happened after the Senior Art Expo, which is a visual and performing arts event put on by the senior class. For the run, the seniors gather outside the lunchroom and wait for the 3:10 bell to ring. They play some music and give speeches to get everyone pumped up and ready to go. Everyone else is inside lining the halls getting their cameras ready and making sure they stay as far to the side of the hallway as possible so they don’t get trampled. Once that bell rings, they're off. There's confetti, screams erupt, feet stomp, and that sea of seniors sprints all the way to the 3rd floor, runs the length of the 2nd floor, and out the doors, and they’re done. They’ve run the halls one last time. It's hard to believe I'll be doing that a year from now!



Starting in 7th grade, students can apply to work with our Admissions Office as Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors serve as hosts for prospective student visit days and at campus events throughout the year. Families considering Randolph tell us how much they enjoy meeting them, and we are grateful to the Ambassadors for all they do to represent our School. If you are interested in learning more about Randolph, click the green button to schedule your tour today.

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