Randolph's 3rd Grade Program

Posted by Elizabeth Cantley - 11 July, 2017

Student-Led Conferences (3-4) - 3212202a.jpgThird graders will certainly notice a difference in the curriculum from their time in 2nd grade.  The books are more challenging, they are continuing to master cursive hand writing, and math moves at a quicker pace.  However, they will feel some familiarity from day one. Third graders will be nurtured and challenged by their teachers. As in grades kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd, each day begins with a Morning Meeting. This is an engaging way to build a strong sense of community and helps children develop socially and academically.

Program Highlights

  • Cursive handwriting instruction builds on the letter formation lessons taught in 2nd grade. Randolph 3rd graders will be able to complete assignments in cursive by the end of the school year. This is an exciting accomplishment!
  • Hands on science lessons in the classroom allow students to work in groups to investigate sound, inventions, ancient civilizations, and even escape room scenarios. Randolph 3rd graders also attend a science lab in a small group setting to participate in activities that support their classroom instruction. The concepts of teamwork, problem solving, collaboration, and reflection after the process are very important in 3rd grade.
  • One of the 3rd grade's most memorable units is the embryology unit. Students spend 21 days learning about growth and development until the eggs hatch and reveal the newborn chicks they have been studying.
  • During the 3rd grade research project, students are allowed to pick any topic that is of interest to them. Once the research is done with the classroom teacher and the librarian, the students meet with the Technology Integration Specialist to choose which platform they would like to use to organize and present their topic. Some students tend to choose more of a visual representation of their topic by creating a video and narrating over it. Others choose a more textual approach and create slides outlining their research. Some students even choose to create an avatar that visually presents their topic with their very own narration. This type of project gives the students lots of freedom to present whatever and however they would like. 

3rd grade 5a.jpgAt Randolph, we continue to make changes in our programming based on what we learn from new research. Our students do not receive grades during the Lower School years. We want them to be risk takers and understand that failure is a positive part of the learning process. We strive to encourage our students to become invested in and take ownership of their own learning. Student-led conferences are one reflection of this goal. Students set goals, focus on their progress and areas of weakness, and learn to capitalize on strengths while working to improve weaknesses.

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