Student Perspectives: Rose '20

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 20 September, 2018

roseStudent Ambassador Rose '20 shares what she sees as the benefits of extracurricular involvement.

I never would have thought I’d be playing soccer back in 8th grade, but I tried out and fell in love with the sport. Ever since then, my love for soccer has increased. Playing soccer has improved my fitness as the running and conditioning has kept me in shape. Soccer has changed my outlook on Randolph as a whole. 


Through interacting and playing with my fellow teammates, I see the School as being many communities within a large and overall connected community. Because we have to find the right balance between school and sports, soccer has allowed me develop better time organization/management skills.

Outside of school, soccer has given me an opportunity to make new friends with teammates as well as players on other teams and has broadened my social circle. My favorite part of Randolph’s soccer program is the bonds I have formed with my teammates and friends, usually through jokes that we made with each other and the fun it lets everyone have together. 

I joined Randolph's Youth Leadership Council in 10th grade. Being a part of YLC has helped me appreciate a greater sense of community within Randolph by doing volunteer work, helping with School events, and other tasks. YLC has helped me to develop leadership skills both in and out of school that I can use later in life.

Through the different areas of YLC’s focus, such as tutoring, volunteering, events, and communications, I visited learning centers and other local places in areas in Huntsville that were new to me and that have expanded my knowledge about my community. My favorite part about the Youth Leadership Council is that it has such a wide and varying range of roles to participate in, so it has something that everyone can partake in and enjoy.

VG Soccer vs. Westminster - 6092888Being a part of soccer and YLC at Randolph have caused some of the best changes and effects for me both in and out of school, and I would recommend anyone who may be interested to just go for it! Try out for the sport that you’re passionate about, join clubs/organizations that you think you’d like, and become active in your community. There are so many good things that can come out from it.

Rose came to Randolph in the 6th grade and is currently a junior. In addition to soccer and YLC, she is a Randolph Ambassador, and she is involved with bowling and Theatre Randolph.
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