Senior Spotlight: Bankston Creech '18

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 26 April, 2018

Garth First Day - 4293757Each senior class is made up of students with diverse interests and talents. The School has left its mark on them and they on it. In the little time we have left together, we'd like to offer some portraits of our seniors, to show how they have benefited from their time at Randolph and are prepared for what's next.

Tell me about your first day at Randolph?

I started in kindergarten, and Mrs. Adams was my teacher. It seemed a bit scary to change schools and move from preschool to what felt then like a big school.

Kindergarten Holiday Program 12-09-05 040.jpg

How have you learned to think more independently at Randolph?

My teachers in Lower and Middle School recognized that I loved books and reading. They encouraged me to hone in on what I loved and bring it to each class or field of study.

What have you discovered about yourself during the college search process?

I learned that the social aspect of my college experience is just as important to me as my academic experience. I thought I wanted to attend a small college close to home, but I may want to expand my world view and go where I can learn from a more diverse community.

What has been your hardest class or toughest challenge at Randolph?

My toughest challenge has been to learn to speak up and share my opinions during class. That began to change in Mrs. Abrams class my freshman year during a poetry lesson. We were discussing the religious aspects of Emily Dickinson’s poetry, and I wanted to have a deeper conversation on the topic, so I stayed after class.

What extracurricular activities have you been involved in?

Theatre Randolph since 5th grade, Student Ambassadors, Echo, student government, HSDA (High School Democrats of America), and president of the Creative Writing Club. Working with Echo, the literary magazine, has made me realize that I would like to consider being an editor or publisher.

harvey-BC.jpgWhat does the Honor Code mean to you?

To me, the Honor Code solidifies the idea of our school as a community and a unified student body, allowing for a deep bond of trust in peer and student-teacher relationships.

Nothing in Common - 5277205Where can you be found during your free periods?

Either in Mrs. Voight’s room (theater room) or the Commons (lunchroom).

Favorite thing Mr. Keith serves for lunch?

I really like the pizza.

What do you think the community should know about Randolph?

Randolph has a very warm environment with a focus on community.

Favorite school tradition?

I love the Club Fair. It is a loud afternoon where club leaders wave posters and encourage students to join their clubs.

Signing Up - 4349202.jpgFavorite Randolph memory?

During a Wizard of Oz rehearsal, the Lower School students were working on their choreography for "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead" and Thomas, one of my longtime friends and the stage manager, and I were teaching it to the kids. We were trying to demonstrate the choreography, but we kept messing up. We just laughed and had a great time.

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