Senior Spotlight: Eve Schoenrock '18

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 20 March, 2018

Senior Year Fun - 6011865.jpegEach senior class is made up of students with diverse interests and talents. The School has left its mark on them and they on it. In the little time we have left together, we'd like to offer some portraits of our seniors, to show how they have benefited from their time at Randolph and are prepared for what's next.





Tell me about your first day at Randolph.

I was a shy 7th grader when I started at Randolph. I grew up in a school with only 30 other students in my grade. After a bit of time and struggle to find my place my advisor, Mrs. Liese jumped in to help me find my group of friends. 


At the end of her 7th grade year, Eve was selected to be an 8th grade House Captain.

How have you learned to think more independently at Randolph? 

The English and history teachers at Randolph have really taught me to think outside the box and form my own opinions. Mrs. Sandman, my 8th grade math teacher encouraged me to move to high honors math where I really had to ask questions and express frustrations and struggles to the class so we could learn together. 

What has the Honor Code meant to you?

I have been on the Honor Council for the past four years. Iny first year, the Honor Council President spoke with us about how intense and serious the Council is. I have learned that issues of honor are relevant in everyday life and when you break the code it doesn’t just hurt you it hurts others. How we behave, even when we think no one notices, matters. The Honor Code makes me want to carry this philosophy for life.   

7-Honor System Orientation - 5018742.jpg

What have you discovered about yourself during the college search process?

I have chosen to attend the Air Force Academy. It was a very meticulous process. My most stressful yet rewarding encounter was an interview with retired Air Force, Army and Navy officers. It made me introspective and really solidified my values especially about honor and character.  

What has been your toughest challenge at Randolph?

Changing schools in 7th grade and finding a way to feel comfortable in my own skin. I had to take down my own walls and build new friendships. 

Senior Year Fun - 6011869.jpeg

What extracurricular activities have you been involved in?

Soccer, Honor Council, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Middle School House Captain and peer tutor.  

Where can you be found during your free periods? 

Sitting in the halls working on math or science. 

It's a good day for lunch when Mr. Keith serves...

Grilled burgers, but I usually bring my lunch.  

What do you think the community should know about Randolph?

The Honor Code is a way of life. Also, our teachers are not just teachers, they become friends.  

Favorite school tradition?

The last day of Senior classes when they are allowed to run the halls.  

How would you like to be remembered?

Giving 100% effort in everything I do and always standing up for what I believe in. 

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