Senior Spotlight: Jake Weese '18

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 06 March, 2018

Senior Year Fun - 5951616.jpegEach senior class is made up of students with diverse interests and talents. The School has left its mark on them and they on it. In the little time we have left together, we'd like to offer some portraits of our seniors, to show how they have benefited from their time at Randolph and are prepared for what's next.


Tell us about your first day at Randolph.

My first day of Randolph was a bit of a culture shock! I came here from a public high school in Texas and began my first year at Randolph as a sophomore. Some things that really surprised me on the first day of school were how people were able to leave their things in the hall freely, the 8-day cycle, and how good the cafeteria food is! I really enjoyed advisory with Sra. Perry on the first day and it is still one of my favorite parts of Randolph.

How have you learned to think more independently at Randolph?

My teachers do a great job of bringing in sources and topics that are relevant today. They ask questions that are broad and make you think more deeply about the question itself.

What has the Honor Code meant to you?

The honor code to me is a great thing as the teachers put their trust in us to do the right thing. As a student it gives you a sense of security as you know the code is there to make sure we are all trustworthy. The code also eliminates unnecessary distractions.

What have you discovered about yourself during the college search process?

My interest in journalism really guided the college process for me.

What has been your hardest class or toughest challenge at Randolph?

Math has been more challenging for me because when I got to Randolph, I was a year behind my peers in math.

What extracurricular activities have you been involved in?

My sophomore and junior years I played basketball. Currently I participate in stagecraft as a team leader in the class. I also have been working with Mr. Davenport this year as a journalist for the Athletics Department.

Where can you be found during your free periods?

During my free periods I am in the library doing homework.

It's a good day in the lunchroom when they're serving...

Well if everything isn’t an option then I would have to say my favorite food the cafeteria serves is the chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese.

What do you think the community should know about Randolph?

Randolph is a school with a lot of school spirit. The students and faculty always support each other by going to not only sporting events but all events like the talent show and the plays that the school puts on.

How would you like to be remembered?

As an all-round good student and good classmate.  

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