Student Spotlight: Simon Yang '20

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 09 July, 2018

yang-1Junior Simon Yang is the co-author of a paper that was accepted and presented to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), a professional conference for the field of aerospace engineering.

Simon co-authored the paper with Sami Habchi, Vice President of CFD Research Corporation, or CFDRC, at HudsonAlpha. The paper was based on work he did at CFDRC the summer between 9th and 10th grade when Simon worked under Mr. Habchi on a project called Sonic Boom Prediction.

CFDRC’s President and CEO Sameer Singhal ’95 elaborates, “Simon Yang performed Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations with a NASA software package to support research efforts aimed at reducing environmental noise associated with next generation supersonic aircraft. The work performed by Simon is typically done by graduate level interns and engineers. However, Simon’s excellent math background and hard work habits, along with the right mentoring he received at CFDRC, allowed him to produce such high quality work.”


“The goal of the project,” explains Simon, “was to provide an efficient computation fluid dynamics (CFD) tool to reduce the strength of sonic boom, diminishing its noise. I worked on setting up and running CFD cases, compiling the data, and evaluating the results. At the conclusion of my internship, I gave a presentation to the whole company on my accomplishments while there. It was daunting for me, a high school sophomore, to present in front of professionals with PhDs, but my past experiences in Theatre Randolph gave me the confidence to overcome the fear of public speaking. My presentation was well-received and praised by the leaders of CFDRC. As Mr. Habchi humorously said, ‘You are working on your master's degree!’"

Simon returned to CFDRC this summer to work on CFD cases for a new project called Aircraft Life. “The goal is to provide an efficient CFD tool to detect fatigue in aircraft while using less computational power. The work is primarily physics-based (a class I have not yet taken), but I can apply laws and equations that I learned in Chemistry with Mrs. McMichens! The newfound knowledge definitely helps with the problems I encounter in this project.”

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