3 Things to Know about Randolph's Tuition

Posted by Glynn Below - 18 January, 2018

Randolph wants you to know 3 important things about tuition.  This might involve a change in perspective, as you may have some preconceived notions of private school affordability. 

We invite you to consider Randolph's affordability in a new way.

1. It's flexible

We want great students at Randolph who are willing and able to do good work, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. Adjusting the rate of tuition a family pays through Tailored Tuition allows us to give great opportunities to great students. This benefits both student and school.

One parent shares her perspective on why it is so important for Randolph to continue to talk about affordability.

Leslie Cooper, a  board member and parent of current student Curtis ’21 and alumni Cole ’16 and Crossan ’16 has a perspective on tuition assistance that goes back a long time. She shares the story of how her Uncle Stanley benefitted from aid at Indian Springs in Birmingham:

Cole-Family.jpg“Without a serious college-prep environment, he would never have had the opportunity to prepare for a university like Princeton. His foundation at an independent school gave him the tools to make the most of his post-secondary education. Now as an alumnus, he gives back to both Indian Springs and Princeton to express his gratitude.

"My son, Cole '16, is a sophomore at Duke University. His experience at Randolph has set him up to do things at Duke he wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. His academic preparation was key, but the theater work at Randolph contributed to his success in the Mock Trial program at Duke. While I enjoyed my time at Duke, I would have benefitted from a school like Randolph to get me ready for the challenge.

"My parents, like so many, assumed they couldn’t afford it. I imagine what my experience would have been like had I enjoyed the school community and challenge of an independent school."

Leslie, along with administrators and other board members, is committed to fostering what has been known as the tuition assistance program at Randolph. Assuring the sustainability and growth of the funding has been the hard work of many over the years. Randolph is proactive in its approach to enrollment management. The 12% of our students who currently pay a reduced tuition contribute to the Randolph community in many ways. Those of you who recently attended one of the Tailored Tuition Roundtables with Head of School Jay Rainey can tell you that without our partial-pay families, we would have a diminished program and/or higher tuition for all.

2. It's individualized

Randolph parents represent a diverse array of industry expertise, faith backgrounds, and financial profiles, but all are like-minded when it comes to wanting the very best educational experience for their children, and they are willing to sacrifice for their children. 

Adam Bernick, our Director of Institutional Advancement, works closely with Leslie and other board members and administrators to study the programs we offer at Randolph to ensure that every student has an extraordinary experience. Schools are not meant to be factories, pumping out products at the end of the line.  Rather, schools are places of humanity, culture, and tradition that help students learn and discover more about the world around them.  As one of our prospective parents recently commented: “Every student should be able to go to a school like Randolph.” With Tailored Tuition, we hope that is a message more parents will share with others.

In addition to reducing the cost of a Randolph education for full-pay families by distributing our fixed operating expenses across a larger number of tuition payers, Tailored Tuition also supports healthy rates of participation in our curricular and extracurricular offerings by welcoming more families to our school. And Tailored Tuition helps us to surround all Randolph students with as many bright and hard-working children in the Tennessee Valley as we can enroll.

Since the School was founded, we have been seeking students who are "willing and able to do good work."  That mindset continues today as we seek to attract great students from great families to build a strong community.  Without affordability initiatives like Tailored Tuition, our school would be very different, and our programming would be significantly more limited. 

People often ask, "What makes Randolph so different?"  Our community is special because all Randolph parents demonstrate such a strong desire to give their children the very best educational experience every single day.  All families who enroll their children in a private school make a financial sacrifice, and Randolph is no exception, but programs like Tailored Tuition are helping great students from a variety of financial backgrounds discover that a first class college prep program is within reach and certainly worth the sacrifice.

3. It's not rocket science.

Applying online takes an average of 45 minutes. 

Linda Bryant, Assistant Head of School for Finance, and Glynn Below, Director of Admissions, serve to help families navigate the application process for tuition assistance. We are here to make the process more personal and encourage conversations to demystify the whole process. The first step is to apply and submit last year's tax forms to a private third-party site, which is used by other NAIS schools. We can then determine eligibility for a family’s unique tuition amount. Application for admission is separate from and simultaneous with application for Tailored Tuition. Information is empowering, and we want families to know everything there is to know about affordability. 

Learn about Tailored Tuition

Please join Leslie, Adam and the rest of the Randolph community at the Randolph Open House on Thursday, January 18, 6-7:30 p.m. on both the Drake and Garth Campuses. They will host identical sessions about affordability at 6:20 on the Drake Campus and 7:15 on the Garth Campus. In addition, our teachers will be there to share highlights of our school life. Register in advance to be entered in a drawing to receive a free copy of The End of Average

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