What Should a Good Second Grade Program Look Like?

Posted by Laura Bernick - 04 July, 2017

2nd grade 5.jpgYour child is starting 2nd grade and is so excited! Wow, 2nd grade! It sounds so much more grown up than Kindergarten or 1st grade! Those were special and magical years, and they paved the way for this upcoming 2nd grade year. But what does a good 2nd grade program look like? What should you and your child expect and look forward to?

We all want the best for our children, and students should be challenged and encouraged at school. It always makes me sad to hear someone say that their child doesn’t like school. My first thought is usually that the child isn’t being challenged. A good, strong program can challenge each child and encourage curiosity in learning.
Here are some things that a challenging 2nd grade program should include:

· Introduces and develops cursive handwriting

· Provides physical education and recess every day

· Provides multiple opportunities for students to read on and above grade level

· Provides children the freedom to work with librarians to support gains in reading

· Provides a hands-on math curriculum that focuses on every day real-life applications

· Provides opportunities for the development of research skills

· Designs social studies lessons for individual and group projects

· Provides hands-on science programming, focusing on individual and team learning

· Strengthens language development through a second language2nd grade 3.jpg

· Equips students to choose a world language for long-term study

· Supports classroom learning with age-appropriate technology

· Provides a language arts program that explores multiple genres of literature

· Explores the purpose of writing through author studies

Of course there are many things that will be taught and introduced in 2nd grade. This list is a good sample of topics and ways that 2nd grade students should be challenged and encouraged at school.

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