What Will 3rd Grade Be Like?

Posted by Cathy Zeller - 10 July, 2017

3rd grade 1.jpgThird grade builds on the important foundational skills that were mastered in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. Third graders are now able to synthesize material and apply their skills to new kinds of learning.  We notice how conversations become deeper, expectations are higher, and the 3rd grader is gaining more and more independence in the classroom.

In 3rd grade, teachers guide and support students as they begin to navigate more complex social relationships within their peer groups. Learning empathy and showing kindness should be reinforced daily throughout the curriculum. Beyond a child's academic progress, learning to weigh alternatives and make wise choices are part of the nine year old's social-emotional growth. Their day-to-day choices may include what to play and with whom to play at recess, which book to read next, or which experiment to try. Third graders are very curious and anxious to hear about the how and why of their world.

Here are some basic readiness skills your 3rd grader needs:

  • A strong understanding of addition and subtraction, including complete fluency of facts 0-12
  • A basic understanding of multiplication, geometry, and fractions
  • The ability to write multiple paragraphs around one topic
  • Reads with fluency and accuracy
  • Understands different research methods
  • Shows empathy
  • Works well in collaborative groups
  • Third graders should have acquired the basic tools of math and reading and are ready to be challenged to use those tools

Tipton - 3770163.jpgIn a child's life, each year is unique and important.  We encourage parents to explore the unique challenges and joys of the 3rd grade year and recommend a commitment of partnership between parents and teacher in an effort to create a memorable and meaningful school experience.

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