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Posted by Kelly Emerson - 07 September, 2017

Blue Crew Dinner - 4306179.jpgBy David Strickland ’19, Student Ambassador

On Friday nights during the fall, there are little white jerseys that stand out among the blue and gray clad crowd at the football game. These are the jerseys distributed each year at the Blue Crew dinner for K-2 students and the football team and cheerleaders.

I look forward to the Blue Crew dinner each year because I meet younger Randolph students who I might not otherwise get to know. At first, most of the little ones are timid and afraid to talk. My favorite part of the dinner is getting to witness that shyness melt away and be replaced with wide eyes of admiration and happiness.

Each year at the Blue Crew dinner, I make a new friend and form a bond with a Lower School student. I have been fortunate enough to attend Randolph since Kindergarten, so these dinners help bring my experience here full-circle.

"Blue Crew helps bring my experience here full-circle."

When I was little, I looked up to the football players and other Upper Schoolers as role models, and now I have the honor of being looked up to by younger students. I take this role very seriously because I know all too well that their time at Randolph will fly by just as mine did and soon they will be the ones who are mentoring a whole new batch of Lower Schoolers. So, while I still have the chance, I try to make the most of this opportunity to talk to and mentor younger students.

Blue Crew Dinner - 4306192.jpgOn Friday mornings, when the football team comes over the Drake Campus to help with carline, we love to see the kids come to school in their jerseys and high five us in the colonnade.

Whenever I see the children proudly wearing their Randolph jerseys, it makes me smile. It is a powerful reminder that the Randolph community is a close-knit one, where students of all ages come out and support each other.

When I graduate in two years, I can leave assured that the school community is as strong as ever. And when those children that came to the Blue Crew dinner on Tuesday are playing varsity sports for the Raiders, there will be plenty of younger students and alumni eager to support them, too.

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