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Posted by Rebecca Moore - 10 May, 2018


For alumni, coming back to Randolph as parents affords a new perspective on the Randolph experience. We asked alumna Aruna Arora ’93 and her family to reflect on their reasons why Randolph matters to each of them. 




Sign Language Fun - 3094206Aruna ’93 and Amit Arora

My Randolph School memories all involved the reinforcement of lessons learned at home, mostly the development of character. This one virtue has played such an important role in my life. A strong moral compass and following the "Golden Rule" are important to my everyday life as a person, a mother, and a physician. Our teachers and classmates truly cared for us and exemplified warmth through their loving actions in my years at Randolph, from 6th grade through 12th grade.

Academics can be learned at many schools, but learning to be a "good" person is more of a nuanced lesson.

As parents, my husband and I decided on Randolph School because we saw the teachers actively encourage their students to be kind and empathetic, as well as curious and creative. So far we have been so very pleased. Next year our daughter will enter the Middle School. We are looking forward to these same values being nurtured in the difficult middle school years through the strong role models of teachers and the wonderful deans showing the students what good character looks like throughout the school day and in all situations.

The more everyday interactions can encourage these traits through authoritative modeling and positive reinforcement, the more likely these values will be deeply instilled. My own memories of Randolph School are proof of this possibility. Our home lessons from our parents were always being encouraged at school, as well.

Williamsburg - 6222373Asha ’26

I love Randolph School because there are so many fun field trips. The teachers are absolutely wonderful. They make me want to learn, keep going, and do the best I can. I always enjoy coming to lunch because the lunch ladies are always so kind and cheerful. They always greet me with a smile and I love it! The library is a great place to be because Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Smalley, and Mrs. Kat are always so helpful in finding a book we would love to read.

Avi ’28

I like Randolph School because we learn lots of things every day. I also like our school because the activities after school are so fun.

Thanksgiving Program - 5273019Durga and Rao Thotakura

As the grandparents of Asha and Avinash Arora, we were delighted to see their parents choose to send them to Randolph School—the school that we both chose for our own children, Aruna and Ashok, decades ago.

We considered Randolph School as a good choice for those families looking for higher standards, strong discipline, and a safe yet nurturing environment in which to develop children's ideas and independence. While these are important reasons, we also appreciated the closeknit student body, dedicated teachers, and open communication.

We love being at the School for Grandparents Day and attending all of the music programs by Mrs. Hoppe in Lower School, as well as watching the kids develop good sportsmanship in RAP sports.

We thank Aruna and her family for sharing their reasons #whyRandolph!

Family portrait by Olivia Reed Photography.

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