Will School Challenge Your Child

A guide for providing your child with a healthy and
challenging education

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"Although I am a career educator, as I think about my 5-year-old starting Kindergarten next year, I’m amazed at the uncertainty surrounding his future. I have no idea what the college landscape will look like in 13 years. I have no idea what the job market will be looking for in 17 years.  I’m not sure if he will have one career or three. It seems hard to know where to begin."

- Adam Bernick - Director of Institutional Advancement - Randolph School

Our eBook provides you with:

  • Four easy-to-read sections about K-6th Grades
  • Key Characteristics of each age group
  • Key Skills your child should have or be developing for each school year
  • Essential Questions to help you understand what they learn in each grade
  • What a Challenging Education looks like at each grade level
  • Plus our eBook is timeless, so you can download it today and use it until your child completes 6th grade 

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